We hear it a lot. The world is getting way too hot, our species go extinct faster than we can discover them. The world is a hot mess of problems right now that we too often feel powerless to fix.

Does it have to be this way?

The mission of Playground Vintage has always been to be a force for good. We want to be a business that makes a sizeable dent into some of these problems and help the world more sustainable. Read below of some of the actions we are taking.

Repurposing What Is Old

The chances are you have donated a piece of clothing and it is the hope that these items go to a new home. However only 1% ever does. The majority is stacked in landfill, waiting to be burnt or degrades slowly, polluting our water and soil with plastics. Our mission is to change this. All of our items are upcycled pieces that have been reloved and repaired in an effort to make fashion more sustainable.

Conserving What We Can

Not everything we do is related to fashion. We also need to make sure that everything that goes on behind the scenes is sustainable. With the help of Hero Packaging packaging, the parcels you receive are biodegradable and all of our deliveries are carbon neutral.

What's Next?

Currently we are working on partnering with some organisations that support our values as well as make all of our back end systems more sustainable. If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback or if you're just interested in our mission to make fashion more sustainable, send us an email!

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