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How Many Items?: Each mystery box will include 4 items ( 2 Tee's + 2 Jumpers) 

How Long Do The Boxes Take To Make/Ship?: It will take up to 3-4 business days for us to design and put your box together 

How do I know what I will get? You don't ! The beauty of mystery boxes is that every box and item is different! Based on the category you have picked we will design a box which fits within that vibe or style. 

Customised Box: If you want a box that is completely customisable to your own personal aesthetic, place an order then shoot us a message over instagram so we can start designing a box for you! Don't forget to tell us your order number! 

What happens if you don't like the items?: Just like our returns policy with normal items you are more than able to return it or exchange the items! 

What will the quality of the items be like?: Due to all our products being vintage and 2nd hand, there may be some general wear and tear e.g fading in the colours, very small/minor marks and small holes. However in most cases the items tend to have very very minimal defects and if they did have any damage or staining we would choose items where the staining/damage didn't affect the quality/style of the items. 

** No mystery box's are the same ** 

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